Arpegius Wayfarer

The last druid of a small tribe, trying to find a purpose in life


AC: 13 HP:10 Initiative: 0 Speed: 30ft
STR:8 DEX:10 CON:14 INT:13 WIS:16 CHA:14

Intelligence Wisdom

Athletics Nature Insight Medicine Survival

Kits and Instruments:
Lute Herbalism Kit

Druidic, Common, Elven, Orc


Arpegius was born and raised in the forestall regions of Namitha, a rather small forest serving as a shortcut path. However, the path had always been treacherous, and the way seemed a burden to those not born in that forest.

Arpegius belonged to a druidic sect, one that specialized in the restoration of Nature. Arpegius learned from a very young age how to tell which fruit was edible and which not and soon followed up the call of Nature. Alas the very nature, is a jeopardy to it’s own Denizens.

Soon, the entire forest was filled with hostile beings, such as gigantic wasps, trying to find shelter in this unforgiving world. With them, disease was spread across the forest, and the elderly druids fell pray to it one after the other.

After not a long time, only two remained: Arpegius and his mentor, the Greenfather. The Greenfather had been teaching Arpegius the ways of Nature, and he was the one who bestowed the title of Wayfarer upon him, when he was young and had decided to take responsibility for the guidance of travelers through the forest.

One early morn, a visitor arrived at the forest. He appeared to be a seasoned fighter and his clothes definitely signified that he was a noble. Arpegius couldn’t have cared less. He had nothing to do with the noble world, and the thought of his tribe worried him deeper than some insignificant passerby.

He introduced himself as Sir Mormont. He required immediate travel through the woodlands and was willing to pay extra. Druids were not people who found any use in gold, but an ambitious young man such as Arpegius always liked an extra share of gold.

The stranger appeared to be in need of a chat, always opening his mouth and closing it uncomfortably, but Arpegius never burdened himself with the thoughts of another man. His thoughts were on his tribe. His thoughts were on his life. He was one of the last two members of his tribe. Everything was dying out. And he was just being a guide,during his most fruitful years, throwing his life slowly away.

Only one thing stopped his train of thought: The sound of danger. Buzzing sounds echoed up ahead, as two gigantic wasps appeared. He searched inside himself for the reverberating sound of the humming maidens as nature all around echoed their songs, letting it flow through his body and fill him with magical energy. From his hands, a flame sprung forth, and he quickly hurled it against the pest. The fire found it’s mark, but didn’t deliver swift death to it. The stranger on the other hand danced around vividly as his sword thrusts brought merciless death to the insect that was blocking their path. It was beautiful; as if the heroes of old that lived only in fairy tales appeared in front of him.

Are you hurt? The stranger asked. He really appeared concerned. He would go on about how unique Arpegius was, and how someone with powers like his should be traversing the world, and not just guiding people around.

And Arpegius would agree. He wanted to be that. He wanted to do things like this. His life so far had been dull, stripped off of any adventure.

-“If ever you want out of your life, go to the Inn of the Ale-Drowned Man in Calemnar Forest. Say Mormont Undinar sent you.”

Those words echoed in Arpegius’s mind. A place to start off.
-"But before we part, I’d like to ask you one more thing. You see, Two ghosts visited me last night. They each told me their story, and made me the judge of who’s life made more sense. I’d like your opinion on it.
The first one said:
I am the kindness of the world.
A shield is my body,restless is my soul
I have stood my ground for many people
Unyielding to sorrow,nor yielding to death
My noble blood calls me to serve once more
My arms withstand the pain of existence
Yet I seem needless to the world
So I pray not to be forgotten..

The second said:
I am a man set free of fate
I have no ethics,mercy doesn’t stop me
I have slain over a thousand men.
Unaware of peril, nor lacking skill
I have withstood and surpassed any trouble.
I have been pierced with betrayal through the heart.
Yet I must take another step, no matter the cost
As I suffer from pain…

So which one do you like most?"

Arpegius took more of a liking to the second case, a side that took action instead of praying.

Mormont chuckled. Both led a dull life, he exclaimed. Both died without being happy at the end of the journey. Both are nameless ghosts. Do not try to be like them. Carve your name through your actions. But do so with a smile on your face.

And with that, they parted. Arpegius went back to the encampment, only to find his mentor dead, it seems death came in his sleep. Now there was nothing holding him here. He had to make something of himself, for the sake of his tribe. His destination was already set: The Inn of the Ale-Drowned Man.

Arpegius Wayfarer

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