Naagra Lightfoot

A bard trying to achieve greatness through her talent


AC: 13 HP: 8 Initiative: +2 Speed: 30 ft
STR: 10 DEX: 15 CON: 11 INT:13 WIS: 12 CHA: 14

Dexterity Charisma

Acrobatics Arcana Insight Perception Intimidation Performance

Kits and Instruments:
Disguise Kit Flute Harp Lute Guitar

Common, Orc


Naagra was born a bastard; her mother was human, her father an orc. Her whole life she had been a scapegoat. The reason?

She wasn’t a child of love. Her mother had been a young cheerful maiden, up until the day of the Orcish raid. The village suffered many loses, and one of them was the smile of her mother. She had been violated by one of the invaders, and her joy had been erased forever. To the unease of the whole village, 9 months later, the tragedy that had happened took a material form; and the name of that form was Naagra. And it was her image that made all the harbored hatred and misery surface.
Some days it was just words, but on tough days rocks would appear as well. There was nothing they wouldn’t throw against her. But she would just laugh it off, not understanding how she had wronged them. There was just one man that would understand her.His name was Val. Well his precise name had been Valenosthian Moehdrang, but no one ever even tried pronouncing that. He was also a bastard, the spawn of an elf and a human. He wouldn’t get as much hate, but a fair share was amounted to him. However he would always speak his mind, and rarely in a polite manner. He would let no one belittle him; he was after all to become the first member of this village to be granted entrance in the Bardic College of Gethsear.

And so he did. And Naagra was left alone. Her mother would always look at her with her merciful eyes, reassuring her that everything would be ok, but the whole world would not stop crashing around her. Her mother gradually became ill, and unbeknown to her, the condition was terminal. And Naagra? She had only the vacations to look forward. That’s when Val would be coming back, and showing her all that he had been taught during his semesters. And she would be determined to take in all the knowledge he would bestow upon her, and practice as hard as she could. She had only been hated, but she had rather create smiles than see anger all around her. Her mother had told her not to give in to hatred. And she wanted just that.

The years came to pass quickly. And so did Naagra’s mother. Some time later, a letter appeared at her front door. It was sent by Val. Seems he kept his rude little mouth running even in front of nobles, and he had a bad reputation for causing chaos wherever he went. So in order to not lose his head, he required Naagra to substitute him in a performance of his in front of the court of Duke Blackthorn. He left her money for the expenses as well as an invitation to enter the castle. If she succeeded, a new life awaited her.

The road was easy to traverse at first, but once the Blackthorn provinces had been reached, Naagra found out that her journey was just beginning. The terrain was rough, and the road let to the top of a mountain. Outside the castle, gigantic vines with thorns protruded the walls. What a sight that was…

She entered with a hint of difficulty, see the invitation wasn’t for her directly, but she easily bypassed it. And right when she thought the danger was over, she met Lady Artoria , the niece of Duke Aramel Blackthorn. Sharper than a razor, her questions lead Naagra to a corner. She had to admit that she wasn’t Val, and was just a substitute. It seems that had Val appeared, his life would have been forfeit. But Naagra would be an exception.

The time was almost upon her. The night under the Wing of the Blackthorns had been delightful, but it was time she performed. The room stood still. Everyone looked at her. She could hear comments about her race under the breath of the crowd. But Both Artoria and Aramel would say no word. They just stared directly, waiting for the opening.

And as if the Gods themselves have blessed her, she played her most exceptional performance yet. When her song ended, only silence was heard. Until after some moments, Duke Aramel himself raised from his seat to clap at the marvel he had just witnessed.

Long Story short, Naagra now holds the favor of the entire house of the Blackthorns. But as a favor, she was asked to perform for the minor house of Loriat for Duke Aramel’s sake.
Of course, she would accept, she didn’t have much of a say in that either way.
Lord Petyr Loriat, was a pest of a man, short and fat, enjoying his riches whilst torturing every man under his protection till they were too exhausted to protest. Their meeting was explosive. He would treat her like a cat: expecting her to obey and be domesticated at his hand. But she was a lion, and boy did she roar.

By a sudden stroke of luck, she escaped from his castle, with Val rescuing her from a certain execution by that nobleman’s hands. Well now , there is only one place for those running away from nobles.The Inn of the Ale-Drowned Man, the exact place were Naagra is now heading.

Naagra Lightfoot

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