Layla Riversilk

A playful Nymph seeking the murderers of her kin


AC:11 HP:8 Initiative: +1 Speed: 30 ft walking, 30 ft swimming
STR:8 DEX:12 CON:14 INT:10 WIS: 14 CHA :17

Constitution, Charisma

Athletics Insight Survival Persuasion

Kits and Instruments:

Common Elven Sylvan


Nayla was a Nyreid born a princess of her people. Her father was the river King of the river Dwaleen , situated above the city of Quotho. She was isolated most of her life, wanting to always see the broader picture, rather than just stay in one place and look at the fish passing her by. But the village was always the same: Mortals are evil and never fulfill their promises.
Their evidence for their beliefs was the disappearance of the Humming Maiden Undine, mentor and matriarch of all the Nyreids from the house of Undinar, who was set to protect her at all costs, before the warlords arrived.

But Nayla couldn’t stand in one place because of the past; She wanted to learn stories and share them with everyone; She wanted to meet new people and see the vast world with her own two eyes. She was naturally curious, and she could never sate that thirst for adventure; as a princess she was to be sheltered until she came of age.

She would however always find a small chance to ride the current and visit the nearby fishing villages. There she had met some children, children that she made friends with. They weren’t the brightest exclamations of human nature, but they were young, innocent and full of joy for life. They were like her, but they did not bear any shackles on them. She would learn everything about the human culture from them, and at times play with them or dance around. And neither side would ever let someone else know.
One of her little friends was named Veram. He was a young lad, who’s mother died in labor. His father started drinking shortly after, becoming violent often with young Veram. Veram however would not be stopped; He would become the greatest fisher there ever was and rise in the hierarchy of the village. That was his manifest destiny!

Or so he would say, when Nayla was there, trying to make himself look as good as the gorgeous Nyreid princess that was facing him. But deep inside, he knew as well, that neither he, nor anyone else could ever possess such a strong charisma as the playful little river daughter.

One day, a very old female human came by the river village Nayla resided in; The guards would not let her in, but she kept on laughing and talking hysterically in her very own weird way. And then her gaze fell on Nayla. For a moment, there was a glimpse of accomplishment in her eyes, and she proceeded to pass everyone by until she appeared in front of the princess.Their talk was a random mixture of gibberish, but it ended up in the old lady, giving her a weird sapphire necklace, and telling her that she would soon begin her life. She introduced herself as Fate, and giggled frantically, until everyone was convinced that she was mad. And then, in a matter of seconds, she dissolved into mist, leaving Nayla with a vastness of question marks.

She dashed towards the one person who could know more about this old lady, Veram. She knew not, but for a reason, all that she heard appeared to have an alarming ring to her ears. As if something was bound to happen, or as if all this was some sort of random gibberish.

Veram had no answers, only stories. Stories of places that could have answers. Such a place would be the Inn of the Ale-Drowned Man. He drew her a quick map of the place, however she knew that her tribe would never let her leave.

But fate works in such ironic ways… When she got back to her home, it laid in ashes and debri. Banners of some mysterious origin were apparent, and the smell of death and blood was flooding the place. No one was alive, her entire tribe had been butchered. And she alone had been left. Was that what Fate meant? Was she the reason for this?

Only more question marks appeared. But also one thing was certain. Whoever did this to her tribe, would bleed for it. But before they would bleed, it was her duty to find them.
And so her journey began…

Layla Riversilk

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