Sir Lucreto of House Undinar

An honorable Knight enraptured in a forbidden love


AC:16 HP: 12 Initiative: +1 Speed: 30 ft
STR: 16 DEX: 12 CON: 14 INT: 14 WIS: 10 CHA: 8

Strength Constitution

Athletics History Perception Intimidation Persuasion

Kits and Instruments:
Dragon chess

Common, Elven, Dwarven


Lucreto is the youngest son of the Undinar Household. House Undinar was bound by the King to protect the Humming Maiden Undine, and failed to do so, by rushing to protect the King when the Warlords begun their conquest. When the soldiers returned, the Maiden was missing. The Eldest brother of Lucreto died before he was born. He decided to gather his forces and attack the Warlords, ending their tyranny at once, but all that returned was his body in little pieces. Ever Since,house Undinar has been afraid to take any actions and has declared neutrality on every political matter.

Lucreto was taught to keep his mouth shut, but that is not what he did. He could only watch with wonder at the world, wishing to right the wrongs and put his life on the line to uphold the honor of his family. His older brother, Mormont Undinar was his teacher at swordsmanship, for some years at least, until he was of age, and started traversing the world, being only rarely there with his brother. Lucreto had no one, his parents were cowards that dared not do what needs to be done, and his brother was constantly absent.

He was constantly sent out to do errands, as the youngest child. He hated that, he had rather be the knight in shinning armor that bards sing songs about, and not just held up in a house hating feeling like a loser. One day, his errand was cut short by a street thug. And although he would never want to admit it, he took a hard beating, he was no match for a thug. Luckily, his brother arrived just in time to scare the thief off and save the youngster.
He was just a kid, but he still couldn’t bear the dishonor. But what hurt him more was what the thief said to him.
-" You are nothing without your family kid. You are no less that vermin hiding behind a name"
And from that day one, he swore to be a man of himself, he would never be under the protection of his family. He would carry his burden alone.

A couple years later, it was imperative that he appeared in front of the Noble Court of Kilgareth, where the heads of the family would hold their annual meetings, and their offspring would get a chance to meet each other.

The council couldn’t get any more boring; he was required to just wander around and do nothing while the heads of the families would discuss important matters. He went to cool his head at the gardens. And that’s when he met her. She wasn’t alone, a friend was by her side, but she was by far the most enthralling. He was not quite as eloquent with words as he would have wanted, but it seemed that he could extract a name. Artoria Blackthorn. Perfect. The heir of the house that mocked them. His family had told him not to speak with them. Alas, when was he a man to listen to his parents? He took matters into his own hands. Her friend appeared to be Marjory Loriat, daughter of Petyr Loriat and under custody of Duke Aramel Blackthorn. They seemed to be quite fond of belittling and teasing him, but he could see a spark of interest in her eyes. He could also see a spark of thunder emanating from her hands when he went too far, but they decided to settle it with a match of dragon chess.

She was by far the best opponent he had ever faced. He didn’t extract a single warrior from her in their first game. But she decided to give him a rematch. And after a lot of struggle, he managed to defeat her. He may have caught her eye, but she has caught his heart.
A love forbidden yet burning so strong within his chest.

Years have passed and Lucreto has not met again with Lady Artoria. It appears however that luck is on his side. After so many years, he has received a letter concerning a way to win what he craves. He knows not who the sender is, however, he asks for audience in the Inn of the Ale-Drowned Man, a place well known for giving it’s denizens the freedom of speech even when the Warlord’s tyranny is concerned.

Sir Lucreto of House Undinar

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