Dante Wolfang

A noble ranger burdened by his shady family


AC: 14 HP:10 Initiative: +3 Speed: 30 ft
STR:8 DEX:16 CON:10 INT: 13 WIS: 15 CHA: 14

Dexterity Strength

Athletics Acrobatics Sleight of Hand Stealth History Survival Persuasion

Kits and Instruments:
Dragon chess

Common Elven Abyssal Celestial Necril


Dante was born and bred in House Wolfang, raised to be the heir of the house of the King’s duelists. However it was ever apparent that Dante would never make a great duelist. He was better with the bow, and he could never use only one sword- he would always pick a second one for his other hand.

The house of Wolfang had been duelists for eras; but when the King fell, the house fell in despair. No heir remained and lady Myria Wolfang appeared to be unable to carry a child.
Luxor Wolfang was a man of honor; however when he met an elven lady that suited his tastes, his duty to the house made it clear that he needed an heir. And that heir came by 9 months later. His name was Dante.

The environment that Dante was raised in was a chaotic mess; Myria Wolfang would be frantic about finding leads to a living heir of royal blood, she was in such deep denial that she would not accept anything else. Luxor Wolfang was on the other hand searching to find a Humming Maiden; if he could make it, he would be able to learn what happened to the royal heir and restore him back to the throne.

And in that mess, a glimpse of hope appeared: Myria Wolfang was with baby. Dante was 8 years old, when he first met his sister , Belladonna Wolfang. She was the most cute innocent little thing, but as time went by, she proved to be an excellent fighter, and the most exceptional duelist the house had ever seen. But she wasn’t just talented; She was charismatic, she was intelligent, and no one could ever deny her a thing. It was obvious that the child was gifted; but it was even more obvious that she was a sweetheart.

The years passed quickly, and the fruitless search for leads, was detrimental for the health of Myria Wolfang. Dante was ordered to constantly be on the outskirts of the castle, whether it be for hunting or for scouting of the area. It was as if something was keeping him from home.

One day, the hunting trip went perfectly by- he was home earlier by 3 hours. He found his sister training hard on the training grounds; she had just beaten three men singlehandedly, and she was just 12. Her face brightened when she saw her brother, and even more so when he gave her a small hare as a gift. Words sprang out of her mouth in her joy, saying that now that she was to be kept away from her room, she would have fun with the hare in the garden. Dante had no time to process the information; a guard came to greet him. His face was pale, and sweat was dripping from his forehead.
-“Mmm…mm… mmy lord… You are ss..ssoo early. What happened?”
It didn’t take much for Dante to understand something was off.

He sent his sister away to the nanny, and interrogated the guard. The guard was still afraid of his life as he gave everything away, but he had no choice but to tell his master.
It seems that his mother had ordered that no person was to be close to his sister’s dorm during those times, and that something was happening in his mother’s old study.

He waited for nightfall; then he infiltrated the room. What had always been a place for prayers, now looked different, a trapdoor appearing in the middle of the room, leading to some ominous stairs. And with a closer look, Dante could make out droplets of blood.

He stealthily approached what looked like a blood soaked massacre; villagers lay on the ground, their throats torn open, as the palest figurine of his mother that he had ever seen bit into the throat of a helpless citizen. He stood watch in horror, until he realized his father was there, and had somehow seen through his cover.

In a soft manner, he commanded that Dante meet him at his office. After a while, they both arrived. Dante was furious. What was that monster? Wa..was that his mother?? No, it was something that had to die. And he would not hear anything against it. But why did his father not take action against that?

Soon afterwards, his mother joined them. Her mouth was lightly decorated by a stream of black blood. She gazed at Dante in awe, and heard Luxor exclaim that Dante knew.
The atmosphere was heavy, words echoing like thunder, as Dante exclaimed his hatred towards the abomination that his mother had become. It seems that she had died of illness, but her burden of duty and unsated thirst to see her dream to an end had returned her from the grave. And it also seemed, like she had never been his mother. It seems that she had always seen him for what he was, a bastard that could only be a means to her goals.
Dante would not stay any longer.

He had one person to bid farewell. She was young, but they wouldn’t dare harm her. She was after all the means to see their goals to the end. He stroked her hair, as he told her that he will be back for her one day.

He turned to leave.
-“Brother,I’ll try every day harder than ever to make everyone’s dream true. So don’t worry brother, whatever happens, I will try extra hard for everyone”, as her tears started flowing.

And Dante left. He had since then been traversing the lands, surviving in the harsh wilderness for 4 years. Until he received a letter from a guard of the Wolfang house. It seemed everything was going to hell, and he wanted to give information in his sister’s condition. The meeting place: The Inn of the Ale-Drowned Man.

Dante Wolfang

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